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bertlikDr. Jaromir Bertlik, MUDr., N.D.

Dr. Jaromir Bertlik obtained his Doctorate at the University of Palacky, Faculty of Medicine, in Olomouc (Czech Republic). Before immigrating to Canada he specialized in the field of emergency services and gynecology. Since coming to Canada he has been devoted to research in neonatology and pathology. His main interests lie in the holistic spectrum and naturopathy. He graduated from the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and presently operates his own practice while researching. He devotes his main efforts to treating chronic health problems, and is an advisor in the field of nutrition. He cooperates with government agencies and severed two terms as a member of the Board of Directors on Drugless Therapy/Naturopathy for the Ontario government. He is also a member of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Bertlik is a Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at Akuna Health Products Inc. and is the creator of other Akuna herbal products.

My journey to naturopathy.

My medical studies and practice in Czechoslovakia before the “Velvet Revolution” were the same as the same as the studies and practice of all other doctors there. At that time only one medical doctrine was valid – which meant that everything that did not belong to it was put into the “quackery” category and the patient played very passive, uninvolved role in the health system. Read more


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What can you tell us of Alveo’s origin?

The Alveo formulation is the result of clinical practice. I noticed a lot of problems with a majority of my patients. Examples ranged from a lack of energy, fatigue, an inability to digest and utilize nutrients, metabolic problems, symptoms of intoxication, etc. I always wanted to make a product that would help a majority of my patients regardless of their diagnosis, and enable them to live a healthier life.

It looks as if you wanted to develop a universal remedy, can you explain that?

I wanted to develop a product especially designated as a preventative maintenance program for the body. Diseases have different causes. They can be alien invaders, as in bacteria or viral, but are often invited by the less than optimal function of our organs and bodily system. Approximately 95% of people have problem resulting from lack of nutrients. The abundance of toxins generated during the metabolic process can be one of the reasons our body is not able to eliminate them. I wanted to help to eliminate those toxins and their resulting problems.

Where did you start?

I worked with herbal preparations that my patients were using, with some success, and had to use all my experience in the creation of Alveo. The concrete work on the product started when the goal was determined… Read more

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Dr. Sohrab Khoshbin, Ph.D., M., Sc., Hom., D.Acu., C.Ht.

Dr. Sohrab Khoshbin, Ph.D. In addition to his doctoral degree in the field of organic chemistry, Dr. Khoshbin graduated in the fields of natural medicine and other interrelated fields such as nutrition. Chinese medicine, herbology and homeopathy. He has spent much of his time developing natural remedial substances and their practical application. He uses them in his private practice for the determination of modern naturopathic therapeutic standards. Many new natural preparations have been developed for the international market based on his research. Dr. Khoshbin is a founding member of the Canadian College of Holistic Health in Toronto. He has held various positions on numerous boards in the natural health care spectrum. He lectured at York University in Toronto and is the author of the book “100 Magic Herbs”. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Akuna Health Products Inc. and is the creator of the Alveo formulation.

An interview with Dr. Sohrab Khoshbin  (Part 1)

Dr. Bertlik: We should tell the readers how Alveo was designated. When I think about it, I think that throughout the years that we have worked together, we’ve never talked about your reasons for working on Alveo. We should start from the beginning. When was the first time you contemplated working on a herbal formulation?

Dr. Khoshbin: I thought about it when I was a child. We live din Teheran, Iran; when I was born. My father was phytotherapist, and he was very successful. My mother was his assistant and I tried to observe my father carefully and help him. I wanted to be like him. I feel that I have fulfilled my childhood dream.

In that time was there anything like Alveo?

No. I started to think about it during my practice in Canada, after my university studies and after I found out the typical problems and needs of my patients.

Tell us more about university and your studies.

I obtained my academic education in Canada. Read more

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Alveo is a harmonizing tonic

Tonics, plants with straightening or stimulating effects (the term “roborans” indicates tonic of a certain type) are very important for the prevention and treatment of disease in Europe and the East. 19% of all plants used in Chinese medicine are tonics, as are 33% of all plants used in Japanese medicine. These plants do not contain toxic or addictive substances. Instead, the key chemicals in the plant increase the unspecific resistance, or immunity, of an organism. The common characteristic of tonics is that their effects are less outwardly visible in healthy people; nonetheless, these plant extracts will start to act immediately… Read more

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Alveo is not a magic remedy that can correct the mistakes of your life. If we don’t try to live healthy lives, we can’t expect Alveo to operate optimally. We know that long, healthy live requires active living and healthy balances, both physically and mentally. Since it is impossible to strictly adhere to this philosophy all the time, we have nutritional supplements to fill the gaps – in other words; Alveo” (Dr. S.Khoshbin)

Alveo is a natural supplement

Many people consider nutritional supplements to be a type of treatment that is only necessary for people who live very unhealthy lives or have very sporadic diets. They also have doubts… Read more

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Alveo should be taken for the same reason we use other nutritional supplement. Why use nutritional supplements in general? In the past, doctors always used to tell us that we do not need them if we eat properly. In the present, we know that even when we eat healthy foods the odds are that we may still miss some important nutrients. This is because of the pace of civilization. Civilization, largely a product of the last few centuries, advances far faster than evolution, which has taken thousands of years to get us to the point at which we are now. Therefore, the human body…. Read more…

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