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Alveo is a harmonizing tonic

Tonics, plants with straightening or stimulating effects (the term “roborans” indicates tonic of a certain type) are very important for the prevention and treatment of disease in Europe and the East. 19% of all plants used in Chinese medicine are tonics, as are 33% of all plants used in Japanese medicine. These plants do not contain toxic or addictive substances. Instead, the key chemicals in the plant increase the unspecific resistance, or immunity, of an organism. The common characteristic of tonics is that their effects are less outwardly visible in healthy people; nonetheless, these plant extracts will start to act immediately… Read more

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Alveo is not a magic remedy that can correct the mistakes of your life. If we don’t try to live healthy lives, we can’t expect Alveo to operate optimally. We know that long, healthy live requires active living and healthy balances, both physically and mentally. Since it is impossible to strictly adhere to this philosophy all the time, we have nutritional supplements to fill the gaps – in other words; Alveo” (Dr. S.Khoshbin)

Alveo is a natural supplement

Many people consider nutritional supplements to be a type of treatment that is only necessary for people who live very unhealthy lives or have very sporadic diets. They also have doubts… Read more

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Alveo should be taken for the same reason we use other nutritional supplement. Why use nutritional supplements in general? In the past, doctors always used to tell us that we do not need them if we eat properly. In the present, we know that even when we eat healthy foods the odds are that we may still miss some important nutrients. This is because of the pace of civilization. Civilization, largely a product of the last few centuries, advances far faster than evolution, which has taken thousands of years to get us to the point at which we are now. Therefore, the human body…. Read more…

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